With this information we intend that students, especially those who join the center, have as much information as possible about some of the resources that it offers them.


o   Conexión a Internet: equipos en el Hall de acceso.                                        .

o Wifi throughout the Center and in the cafeteria.

o Photocopier for student use, with rechargeable card at the Concierge.

o Trial studies. They are requested at the Center's Concierge (as far as possible study in classrooms will also be possible).

o Library with loan service (see schedule on the web).

o Erasmus scholarships. Possibility of accessing Erasmus Scholarships in more than a dozen countries and around thirty European music centers.

o Soloist Contests. They are held annually and give the right to play a solo concert with the Orchestra or Band of the center, the Municipal Band of A Coruña or the Young Orchestra of the Galician Symphony.

o Cafeteria. Open every day.

o Website: In it you will find all the updated news of the center, courses, concerts, academic information, etc.

o   Plan dixital do centro.

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